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The most professional manufacturer of underground works construction equipment
Sunward Intelligent started with independent research and development of hydraulic static pile driver. Through more than 10 years of engagement in underground works, Sunward Intelligent has successfully developed the professional underground works equipment series with the most complete categories and the highest geology adaptability and become an enterprise that is able to provide comprehensive solutions (design, equipment and construction) for underground works construction under complicated geological conditions. The Company has developed the powerful multi-function drilling machine, pipe following drilling machine and rotary drilling machine that are unique in this industry.
The first hydraulic static pile driver highly coupled with mechanism, electricity and hydraulics (winning the National Second Prize in Terms of Scientific and Technological Progress) integrates various patented technologies and has gained a market share as high as 60%. This product has been derived from the original one through innovation in terms of construction method and theory and is regarded as a milestone in the application history of pre-cast concrete pipe piles in the foundation industry of China.
Sunward Intelligent developed the rotary excavating series products with the most complete spectrums in China, with power head output torque ranging from 40KN to 420KN.M and construction bore diameter ranging from 350MM to 3,000MM. Its theoretical system has formed the only two monographs in this professional industry, namely Research and Design of Rotary Drilling Machine and Rotary Drilling Machine, Construction and Management.
Committed to the field of underground works construction
Sunward Intelligent insists on technological innovation and constant improvement in development and construction of underground works equipment, and boasts the most complete construction equipment and construction technologies suitable for underground works construction process in China in the aspects of foundation piles, even wall, base treatment, new pile types and new technologies.
Tianyuan Jingang series, a good helper for construction of small-bore pile foundation

Target market
Sunward Intelligent is the first in China to launch Tianyuan Jingang series drilling machines, which are designed specifically for bore forming construction of cast-in-place piles in civil projects and are very suitable for construction in various special, narrow and crawl spaces, such as bridges, culverts, the inside of buildings, workshops, metro, and municipal pole lines.