Dimension: working length 14000mm
Dimension: Working width 8560mm
Dimension: transport height 3190mm
machine weight 862T
Maks.svaeboynoe pressure 860tf
Maks.svaeboynaya speed 7.7m / min
Cvaeboyny stroke (1 paz) 1.8m
Displacement: longitudinal / horizontal 3.6 / 0.7 (m)
Offset: the angle 8
Ascent and descent 1.1 m
Standard crane QY25
pile length 16m
Ground Pressure: long boat / short boat 14.4 / 18.9 (tf / m²)
the distance between the sloping piles 680mm
the distance between the corner piles 1160mm
Max. round pile 600mm
Max. square pile 400/550 mm